David Stuttard


Antigone is one of the most influential and thought-provoking of all Greek tragedies. Set in a newly victorious society, where possibilities seem boundless and mankind can overcome all boundaries except death, the action is focussed through the prism of Creon, a remarkable anti-hero – a politician who, in crisis, makes a reckless decision, whose pride (or insecurity) prevents him from backing down until it is too late, and who thereby ends up losing everything. Not just the story of a girl who confronts the state, Antigone is an exploration of inherent human conflicts – between men and women, young and old, power and powerlessness, civil law and the ‘unwritten laws’ of nature. Lauded in Antiquity, it has influenced drama and philosophy throughout history into the modern age.

With an introduction discussing the nature of the community for which Antigonewas written, this collection of essays by 12 leading academics from across the world draws together many of the themes explored in Antigone, from Sophocles’ use of mythology, his contemporaries’ reactionsand laterreception, to questions of religion and ritual, family life and incest, ecology and the environment. The essays are accompanied by David Stuttard’s performer-friendly, accurate and easily accessible English translation.

Bloomsbury Academic

ISBN 978-1-350-01711-5 First published 2018

Reviews include

Stuttard brings together his humane and sensitive translation with a stellar cast of insightful minds who offer new and exciting journeys into the rich texture of the play. Not to be missed! Michael Scott, University of Warwick, UK

A rich resource for both readers and performers. Pat Easterling, University of Cambridge, UK

An accessible and informative resource for anyone who reads the Antigone in translation. Mary Lefkowitz, Wellesley College, USA

Stuttard’s eminently speakable translation is amply illuminated by varied and thought-provoking essays. Niall W. Slater, Emory University, USA

This book is a thought-provoking and useful addition to the scholarship on Antigone, the most often performed and re-worked of all the Greek tragedies… It admirably caters for the specialist and non-specialist alike. Classics for All