Trojan Trilogy

Trojan Trilogy is the result of a several years work by writer David Stuttard.  He first translated Trojan Women for performance by Actors of Dionysus is 1995, revisiting the play in 2001 to write an adaptation.  This toured in 2002, directed by Stuttard himself, to enthusiastic reviews including:

One of the great virtues of David Stuttard’s clear-eyed version of Euripides’ play... is the way he suggests that women too play their part in fuelling the vicious circle of hate and atrocity.  [His] prose is admirably direct and        accessible, as is his beautifully acted production; it keeps the emotion bottled up so well that when it does fizz out in an explosion of fury, agony and spit, it is all the more frightening. 

Lynn Gardner The Guardian 08.03.02

Part of what makes David Stuttard's production so confidently coherent is that he is both the director and the translator, so text and presentation work in harmony.  Both achieve the contemporary resonance they desire with tact and subtlety.  Politically, Stuttard neither avoids contemporary            references nor does them to death. Stuttard's image of the Greek's wooden horse as a "new missile packed with men" is a good example of his poise: credible in the original Greek context, rich in its immediate resonance.

Fintan O'Toole Irish Times 17.04.02

The adaptation has been subsequently picked up by other theatre         companies and has been performed widely throughout the UK and USA.

Inspired by performing Trojan Women in ancient theatres, including at Troy itself, Stuttard went on to write his Introduction to Trojan Women, which in turn alerted him to the importance of the play’s position in its original         Trilogy.  In 2005 and 2006, using the surviving fragments, he wrote his reconstructed adaptations of Alexandros and Palamedes, adding Sisyphus in 2007.

Directed by James Albrecht, Trojan Trilogy was first performed as a semi-staged reading at the British Museum with a cast including Souad Faress as Hekabe, David Cann as Odysseus, David Killick as Priam, Edmund Kingsley as Palamedes and Jacob Krichefski as Talthybius.  Original music was by Emilia Brodie and Hannah McPake, with lighting by Neil Hobbs.  The production was part-funded by Made in Brighton and Arden                 Entertainment Creative Development Fund.

The production excited a genuinely positive response from public and       industry alike, including award winning author Abi Morgan (Tiny Dynamite) and Soho Theatre producer Akhbar Kurtha.  In addition, founder members of Theatre de Complicité Marcello Magni and Kathryn Hunter have both expressed interest in involvement in staging the plays.  As a result, James Albrecht and David Stuttard have been investigating the most effective ways to mount a full-scale production, as well working to identify a suitable venue.

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