David Stuttard


On 2 September 31BC two superpowers – ancient Egypt and Rome – met head-on for the first and last time in history. The outcome was the Battle of Actium which would lead directly to the foundation of the Roman Empire.

In a compelling new chronicle brought vividly to life by expressive anecdotes and moving eyewitness accounts, this book recounts the chain of events that culminated in the fall of Egypt, and reveals the central charismatic personalities of Octavian, Mark Antony and Cleopatra who were responsible for it. Usually told from the Roman perspective but retold here from the Egyptian standpoint, the gripping narrative also explores the role of chance, human fallibility, thlessness and tragedy that lay at the heart of the power struggle.

Illustrated throughout with iconic objects from the superb collection of the BritishMuseum and evocative locations, 31BC tells the dramatic story of a defining moment which would change the course of history.

The British Museum Press

ISBN 978-0-7141-2274-8 First published 2012

The book is also available in a German edition.

Reviews include

This well-produced and superbly illustrated account of a familiar story is a credit to the British Museum and its authors. BBC History Magazine

With clarity, wit, and keen attention to historical fact, the authors systematically debunk the old myths... Stuttard and Moorhead pack the text with colourful detail and perceptive insight, presenting the history of this turbulent period with deceptive simplicity. Current World Archaeology

The strength of the publication is that it not only recounts the story, but that it also gives us a new perspective of the conflict by including classical and contemporary accounts. The research of the authors is impressive and almost everyone will learn something new to them in this very readable and informative account. Ancient Egypt Magazine

...provocative questions keep the story of Cleopatra as stimulating as ever, and this well researched and imaginatively presented book offers a delightful new avenue for approaching them. BOMC2 Book Club

Mit solchen Büchern werden historische Ereignisse auf erfrischende und unterhaltsame Weise lebendig. Buchtips.net